Cargo shipping

Contact Comprehensive logistics by the Northern Sea Route.

Company Profile

"Arctic-Route" renders services in logistics of any cargoes from Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Krasnoyarsk, Dudinka, Hamburg and Rotterdam. We ship cargoes by sea and river route: container cargoes, general cargoes, large-sized, bulk, loose, liquid bulk cargoes and transportation means. We carry out shipping operations of any complexity, make provision for reliable control at all stages of cargo movement, keep a record of documents and ensure full safety of transportable property for dedicated customers.

Cargo delivery by sea transport

Cargo delivery by sea is carried out from the ports of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Rotterdam and Hamburg to the ports of the Arctic Region followed by shipping by Yenisei Basin to Dudinka, Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk.

Cargo delivery by river transport.

Cargo delivery by river is carried out during summer navigation from the ports of Krasnoyarsk and Lesosibirsk to the ports of Yenisei Basin.

Cargo delivery by land

Cargo delivery by land is carried out to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk.

Container cargoes

General cargoes

Transportation means


Cargo transportation by sea allows us to make the delivery promptly, without risks and with maximum efficiency. Arctic-Route monitors cargo safety at all stages of transportation, including the handling operations.

Aim for export

Cargo deliveries are performed to the large European ports, located in Hamburg and Rotterdam.

Wide variety of cargoes

The company provides transportation of container, general, large-sized, bulk, loose, liquid bulk cargoes and transportation means by sea and river transport.

Multimodal transportation

The company focuses on shippings. To deliver cargo across Russia from the client to the port, Arctic-Route uses the rail and road transport as well.

Full range of services

Cargo reception, loading, unloading, secure storage, keeping all reporting documents.

Broad geography

All-year cargo shipping by the Northern Sea Route of the North-Western and the Arctic Regions of Russia; cargo shipping to Europe - Hamburg, Rotterdam. River transportation during summer navigation to the Yenisei Basin ports. Cargo delivery to any port by land.