Yenisei basin

The Yenisei River, about 3.5 thousand km long, ranks first in Russia in terms of full flow, and, flowing from south to north, crosses all climatic regions of Siberia. The Yenisei basin includes the Yenisei River, its numerous tributaries and several dozen reservoirs. The Yenisei basin provides an opportunity for cargo transportation in the middle part of Siberia. A large-scale river network supports navigation along the Yenisei and its tributaries up to the port in Krasnoyarsk. Since 2006, the Yenisei Basin District has a special conservation status.


The river port of Krasnoyarsk, located in the southern part of the river. Yenisei, has a large throughput, reaching up to 4 million tons of cargo per year. The technical equipment of the port with loading and unloading equipment, warehouses and its own railways allows for efficient storage and timely transportation of goods.


The river port of Lesosibirsk is the new and so the modern port located on the Yenisei River. Good capacity of the river section near Lesosibirsk and large quantity of adjacent land-based transport corridors ensure appropriate in volume cargo turnover.


The largest industrial center of the region, Norilsk is connected with Dudinka and its port by road and railway. Foe the last two decades, Norilsk railway has no passenger transportation, being used only for cargo transportation.


The port located at the polar regions, practically on the shore of the Arctic Ocean and being a part of the Northern Sea Route system has good land-based transportation as well. Dudinka is the connecting node between the Northern Sea Route and Yenisei Basin.

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