General cargo includes various piece cargoes, special machines, sailboats, hoisting equipment, large parts of metal structures, boilers, commercial metal items, vehicles, bulk, loose, liquid bulk cargoes, reinforced concrete structures, unitized cargoes, cargoes in transportation blocks, large-sized and heavy-weight cargoes, timber cargoes, accommodation modules, equipment and its components, goods of operating units (big-bags, barrel cargoes, wheel pairs, etc.), personal property in boxes, etc.

Our company deals with any cargo type expeditions in the direction of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Krasnoyarsk, Dudinka, Hamburg and Rotterdam ports. We carry out cargo reception, its safe storage, loading, transportation and unloading as well as take care of all the documentation. Clients don’t have to worry about safety of personal property during the whole shipment stage.

Personal property and equipment

We ship big-bags, barrel cargoes, wheel pairs and a host of other things.

All the types of cargoes

Sailboats, special machines, commercial metal items, boilers, etc.

Large territorial coverage

We deliver cargoes across Russia and to the ports of Europe.