Container cargoes

Container type Max gross, t Murmansk-Dudinka freight
ISO (DC) - 20 17 t 237 000 rub.
ISO (DC) - 40 30 t 412 000 rub.
ISO (НС) - 20 17 t 237 000 rub.
ISO (НС) - 40 30 t 458 000 rub.
Container type Max gross, t Freight Arkhangelsk - Dudinka
ICO (DC) - 20 17 t x rub.
ISO (DC) - 40 30 t x rub.
ICO (НС) - 20 17 t x rub.
ICO (НС) - 40 30 t x rub.

Non-containerized cargo

To calculate the cost of cargo transportation, it is necessary to enter cargo parameters and route.  Preliminary calculation for one loading place.

The formula for calculating the cost of the service:

Size: square meters.

Price: RUB

General cargo - includes but not limited the following: various breakbulk cargoes, different metal products, vehicles, reinforced concrete structures, containers, packaged cargoes, cargoes in transportation blocks, large-sized and heavy-weight cargoes, timber cargoes, accommodation modules, in other words, cargoes that can be recounted, regardless of whether they are packaged in container, including boxes, bags, barrels, packages, rolls, bundled or are breakbulk cargoes.

The container shipping cost includes only the rate for freight and handling operations in the ports.

Freight forwarding is carried out under the terms of full prepaying.

Calculation of cargo shipping costs is made for each piece of cargo.

Cargo release - 15 000 rub.

Rent-a-container ISO-20 is - 15 000 rub. w/o VAT

Container delivery ISO-20 en route Dudinka-Norilsk: 35 000 rub. w/o VAT

Rent-a-container ISO-40 is - 18 000 rub. w/o VAT

Container delivery ISO-40 en route Dudinka-Norilsk: 50 000 rubles.

Simple container under unloading more than 4 hours - 2 600 rubles/h

Additional services:

Cargo handling (reception, warehouse discharge for safe storage, reloading, packing and other manipulations with cargo are paid separately)

Rates are specified including VAT 20%

Dispatch stages of your cargo:

Cargo reception

We receive your cargo. Carry out control and photographic evidence of cargo state during the handling operations.

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Storing cargo

We make free storage of your property at our secured packing lot until loading aboard ship.

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Cargo loading, unloading

Handling operations in Murmansk are included into the cargo shipping costs.

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We`ll undertake all paperwork. Cargo declaration follows all the requirements of regulatory bodies.

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