Northern Sea Route

The Northern Sea Route represents the standard route by sea connecting European and Far Eastern parts of our country. Shipping by sea is among the most efficient cargo transportation methods, for this reason, the use of the Northern Sea Route makes it possible to transfer the most valuable cargo in sufficient scale and in accordance with necessary deadlines. The first attempts to open the new trade route by sea were made at the beginning of the 16th century. Dmitry Gerasimov – a famous diplomat gave theoretical justification of feasibility of using the Northern Sea Route. Several decades later, numerous expeditions followed and by the end of the 19th century the entire route was covered with wintering off the coast of Chukotka for the first time. In the 30`s of the XX century passing along this most important sea transport corridor just once revived the economy of far-away regions of our state allowing to connect the farthest from one another ports of Murmansk and Vladivostok. The Gulf Stream that brings warm waters to the Arctic Ocean and preventing from forming the giant ice dam in the Kola Peninsula region helps to make provision for Arctic region’s navigableness.


Port of Rotterdam is the largest European port and takes one of leading positions in the world in cargo turnover being second only to Asian Giants. Stretching along the coast for 40 km and more than 100 square kilometers in area, the port of Rotterdam has the exit to the North Sea and so it plays a fundamental role in maintaining the operation of the Northern Sea Route.


Located on the Elbe River, stemming from the North Sea, the port of Hamburg counting 100 km waterfront is full of high-grade equipment and large storage facilities. More than three hundred sea vessels can moor simultaneously to numerous maritime terminals of the port.


The ice-free port of Murmansk is one of the largest ports in Russia. Well-developed infrastructure of the port makes provision for significant cargo turnover, which contributes to continuous development of the transport node of Murmansk which relatively soon, at comparable rates of development, will be the main base of the Northern Sea Route.


The port of Arkhangelsk has a favorable geographic location ensuring the direct exit to the World Ocean immediately through the White Sea. Unlike other ports of the North-West, the port of Arkhangelsk has significant transport resources - sea and rail, which allows to increase the volume and reduce the time of cargo transportation.

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