We make provision for full transport escort from the time of reception of a car or special machines to signing the cargo transfer and acceptance certificate. We deliver and accept cargoes in the ports of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk, Hamburg and Rotterdam. We ensure control and safety of cargo at every stage of shipping operations. The shipping cost depends on mass and dimensions of motor vehicles. Storage until loading aboard is carried out in the secured parking lot. The delivery time depends on the fleet traffic schedule. Vehicle delivery to the port by a carrier or sweeper is possible. Upon receiving the confirmatory on shipment, the multimodal declaration and supporting documents are formalized. Loading aboard ship is carried out by means of a crane and special grippers for motor vehicles. Fastening aboard is carried out by means of certified lashing belts.

Safe area

24-hour video surveillance at the motor-car parking


The car supply process takes no more than 30 minutes

Transfer service at our expense

We provide transfer   service through the city at our expense